About Us

KCA-Kosher, is the kosher arm of the non-profit religious organization, Kehillas Chasidei Admor and is dedicated to advancing kosher awareness and observance in the Jewish public, through seminars, the writing and dissemination of pertinent literature, as well as hands-on consultation, supervision and inspection. As such, we are staffed by a group of highly trained kosher professionals with many years of experience in all fields of the food industry. This includes large production plants, flavor companies, bottlers, canneries, wineries and dairy farms, as well as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and caterers etc. No venue is too large or too small and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible to the kosher public. Due to longstanding, hands-on experience, we can guide and advise you in all aspects of planning and production. We will be instrumental in designing a kosher strategy for optimal benefit and profit to you and your company.

Furthermore, all of KCA-Kosher’s rabbinical experts are highly respected adherents of the dynamic Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic Movement; by far the largest Jewish organization in the world, operating over 4,000 institutions on six continents and wielding tremendous influence upon Jewish public opinion worldwide. KCA-Kosher is the preferred kosher provider for many of these institutions in southern California and beyond. With this kind of reputation you can be assured that the kosher status of your product will be recognized and honored in all markets globally.