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To whom it may concern,

With great pleasure, I have reviewed the manuscript of Going Kosher, written by the illustrious Rabbi Amiram Markel Shli’ta. Rarely have I seen a book on Halacha combine scope and accessibility so delightfully.

For over twenty years, Rabbi Markel has been involved in many aspects of kosher food production in a way of Halacha LeMaaseh. This includes supervising food production plants, wineries, dairy farms for Cholov Yisroel, canneries and bottling plants, as well as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and caterers etc. The author has been instrumental in training Mashgichim in Southern California and has been a pivotal point from whom many questions in Halacha have been answered.

All this and more, is reflected in his excellent book Going Kosher. The extensive footnotes from Shulchan Aruch and its accompanying commentaries testify to its authority. In addition, the user-friendly, contemporary English, supplies a refreshing balance.

Rabbi Markel’s achievement through this comprehensive work is a shining example of the saying, “He who learns Torah in order to do, merits to learn and to teach, to keep and to do (Avos 4:5).” I encourage the author to bring his labor of love to fruition by publishing it in a quick and auspicious time. May his wellsprings flow forth and may he and his family merit health, and continued success in spreading Torah and blessings in all their endeavors.

Anxiously awaiting the quickly approaching redemption,

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs