Rabbi Hillel L. Simon

Executive Head Supervisor, Kashrut Division, London Beth Din.

Director of Rabbinic Ordination, Machon Mayim Chayim, England

I have carefully reviewed the manuscript of Going Kosher, authored by Rabbi Amiram Markel, Shli’ta. The book displays tremendous depth of knowledge and research into many areas of kosher law, and a profound grasp of the practical issues facing the modern kosher consumer.

As Rabbinic coordinator for the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din, I have heard many of the questions presented in this book posed by the kosher supervisors for caterers, restaurants and bakeries, as well as members of the public. During my 10 years as a campus rabbi for many campuses in the west of England and South Wales, many students approached me with their difficulties in using a kitchen shared with others who did not keep kosher and all the mistakes that inevitably arose. With this book in hand, the English reading public will feel confident in their understanding of the kashrut issues they face and can consult their local rabbi from a vantage point of sophistication, such as they have in other academic pursuits.

With so many of our Jewish brothers and sisters eager to embrace anew the mitzvoth of kashrut, and the frequent changes of abode common in our time, how to “Go Kosher” is a most current crucial issue, and one made so much easier, meaningful and enjoyable by this wonderful book. I eagerly await the publication of this work, so that English speakers all over the world will be able to benefit from its wisdom, inspiration and practicality.

I would encourage further publications by the author to include the equally practical areas of cooking, baking and handling of wine by non-Jews, as well as the in-depth coverage of forbidden mixtures etc. which he promises in this volume. With the approach of Shavuot, the celebration of the gift of the Torah, may the Almighty open our minds and hearts to the study of Torah and let us speedily hear new Torah teachings from our Righteous Redeemer.

With Blessings,

Rabbi Hillel L. Simon