Rabbi Amiram Markel


Rabbi Amiram Markel – Kosher Administrator

The scion of an illustrious lineage of spiritual and Torah giants, Rabbi Markel is a highly accomplished alumnus of the Rabbinical College of America and has been serving the Jewish community in one religious capacity or another for almost forty years. He has been a Chabad Emissary at Chabad of South Bay, has taught religious studies at Hillel Academy of the East Bay, is past president of Torah True Judaism Inc. and presently heads KCA-Kehillas Chasidei Admor, a non-profit religious organization dedicated to advancing kosher observance through the teaching, writing and dissemination of literature, as well as through providing kosher consultation, supervision and approbation.

In addition, Rabbi Markel is the president of The Neirot Foundation of Jewish Thought, Neirot Publications and the True Kabbalah Institute (see www.neirot.com and www.truekabbalah.com) and is the highly esteemed author of many brilliant books on Jewish mysticism and philosophy. These include, The Knowledge of God, The Gate of Unity, Divine Inspiration and The Beginning of Wisdom. He has also authored works on Jewish theology, such as The Principles of Religion, and is especially known for his highly acclaimed book, Going Kosher; a brilliant and scholarly work on the laws of kosher observance. This book firmly establishes him as a leading authority in this field.

In addition, after almost 30 years of involvement in almost every aspect of the kosher food industry, Rabbi Markel is a highly respected decisor who answers difficult questions on kosher law whenever they arise. Besides his position as Kosher Administrator of KCA-Kosher, Rabbi Markel is also the past chief executive rabbi of The Kosher Council of Ventura County and Conejo Valley; a rabbinic organization consisting of several Chabad centers that provided kosher services to Jewish communities in southern California. Moreover, as spiritual leader of Kehillas Chasidei Admor, Rabbi Markel has been instrumental in serving the community at large for many years.