Rabbi Avraham Yarmush

Rabbi Avraham Yarmush – Regional Director for Northwest USA

As Chabad rabbinical emissary, Rabbi Yarmush also specializes in the field of “Kosher Laws”. Rabbi Avraham Yarmush is a native of the Crown Heights district of Brooklyn, New York, the world headquarters of the Chabad Chassidic movement and is an alumnus of Oholei Torah Institute. Rabbi Yarmush is presently the Chabad Emissary of the Rohr Center for Jewish Life in Bellingham, Washington state. As said above, Chabad is a global juggernaut that dwarfs all other Jewish organizations combined. As a Chabad emissary, Rabbi Yarmush has supervised in such far flung locations as Far East Asia, as well as the USA and has accumulated years of experience and expertise. He currently represents KCA-Kosher in Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia.