Rabbi Moshe Avila

Rabbi Moshe Avila – Regional Director for Latin America

We are proud to have Rabbi Moshe Avila as a key member of our executive staff at KCA-Kosher. With almost 35 years of practical experience, both in Latin America and the USA, Mexican born Moshe Avila, speaks several languages fluently and is a highly qualified professional in all aspects of the kosher food industry. As a highly sought after expert he has been instrumental in servicing such corporations as Bimbo Bakeries Inc., the largest baking conglomerate in the world and Gallo Wines Inc., the world’s largest wine producer, as well as Delta Airlines and El Al Airlines.

In addition, Moshe Avila has supervised in many kosher slaughterhouses, restaurants, caterers, bakeries and production plants. With his affable, but confident manner, Rabbi Avila commands the trust and respect of all who have had the privilege of working with him.